he is coughing, vomitted twice so far, sneezing, runny nose and has a fever or 99.9.
WHAT do i do?! When do i take him to see a dr?! should i take him to er in the morning? im not at home or near his dr. im at Gary's

    Ever Lopez
    No more Milk just give him pedialyte the whole day, keep him with less clothes, try to give him tynenol every 3 to 6 hrs all depending how the fever goes( I AM NOT A Doctor OR BUT I ALWAYS DO THIS TO MY BOYS AND THEY GET BETTER BY THE NEXT DAY) It might be a bug!
      Call the Dr and see what they say. Give him a bath, lots of liquids... Juice and water, milk, pedialite is very good since he is throwing up... I use the non flavored one and put some juice in it and my lil man drinks it right up. Keep him comfortable... cool clothes... Johnson and Johnson has a vapor bath that should help. Also I put BABY vicks on my son's chest and bottoms of feet. I have also put about a table spoon of Normal Vick's and 2 table spoons of water in a "sentsey" type wax warmer and put that in his room. That helps to... Watch him closely
        18Krissy Clarkson
        well rush him to the docters to make sure he can go to the hospital!
          18Krissy Clarkson
          !r u ok!
            18Krissy Clarkson
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