Santa..Naughty or nice?

I am wondering how everybody else handles gifts from Santa when your Child or Children have been bad? Do you still give gifts from Santa anyway so they are not upset or do you stick to the saying if you're naughty Santa don't bring you gifts?

    I have tried the you better be good thing the past couple years and it doesn't seem to make a diffrence to her. I think because she knows that she will still get something from santa even if she's bad. Didn't know if maybe it would be time to inforce the no gifts from Santa if your naughty rule as kinda a wake up call. I know it sounds harsh that's why I needed some opinions from other moms..I've also seen these letters from santa you can get to give them if they are naughty
      8Theresa Gould
      I always got something at Christmas time but my mom put a rotten potato or chunk of coal in my stocking one year and its message spoke volumes to me. Not that it changed my attitude immediately but I still remember it so it had a lasting affect.
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