Halloween for teenagers

When should you stop buying a halloween costume for teenagers? My daughter is 16 and I am trying to get her to stop dressing up for Hallowen. Money is very short right now and I already have to get one for my 8 year old, but I cannot get her to agree to jot dress up.

    8Theresa Gould
    Does she have money of her own to buy her costume? Does she babysit or have a job of her own? I trick or treated until I was in my teens but I cannot remember my exact age. And Melissa's suggestion of making her own costume is a good one or going to the thrift store?
      I know she won't want to make her own and she has money in the bank that she got from when her father passed but she doesn't like to use it for petty stuff. She bought her car out of it and has had to use it for some maintance work on it and that's about it.And I don't think she's sure what she wants to be yet..And I feel bad being so broke right now that it's even an issue. But with my other daughters bday and Christmas coming up it's just really tough right now.
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