diaper genie is it worth it? stressed, disagreement ahhhhhhh

Do any of you moms use a diaper genie and is it worth it. does it work they way they say and block all the odor from the dirty diapers inside. me and my bf got into a disagreement over getting one or using the ole plastic bag method. this obviously is not going to be easy if we cant even agree on where to put dirty diapers. obviously there is more to this post than advice on a diaper genie but I guess i'm trying to say should I drop it or is it worth the hype. I want the best for our baby. Relationships are hard and I know we will disagree from time to time but i'm so stressed what should i do at 5 and a half weeks pregnant im nauseous all the time and yeah just any advice you have will help as you can tell im kindof an emotional mess!!!

    8Theresa Gould
    I didn't have one. We tried something similar and it worked to a point. I just did not like the extra item in our small house.
      I don't plan on getting one. I've watched a lot of videos on what new moms said they wished they didn't buy. I plan on just using a lidded trash can with sprinkled baking powder. Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon!
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