Any moms out there that aren't preg or who in the past have used IUD? What kind? Did you like it? I have an appointment with my OB to discuss using one. In the past i've always done the pill but I am so bad a remembering to take it, especially now that I am keeping up with an 8 month old. I know I'm not ready for another one, and probably not start trying for another for close to a year. I've also heard that there is no lag time between IUD removal and being able to get pregnant again....any one with experience with these?​

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    Is the IUD the thing that goes in your uterus? If so my sister in law had one and she said it was very painful for her if she moved a certain way or during intercourse, her husband also said it was uncomfortable for him and he could feel it also. She also had a optopic pregnancy after she had it taken out. Which I'm not saying that's why just stating she had one. I'm on the depo shot. I've been on it for a very long and
    I love it. I get it every three months. I have no period because of it. But I also didn't get pregnant for over a year after I quit taking it and the once I did I had a miscarriage. Again not sure if that's why but just wanted to give you my information so it might help you in some way.
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      I'm a little the same way. I get mine in the back of my hip(high butt) but it hurts like hell and is bruised for like a week. And I'm stiff and sore all the time fro the FM but maybe I'll pay a little more attention next time I get it and see if it makes it worse.
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