Baby's FIRST Haircut!

How old was your baby when they got their first haircut?

Did they do okay? Or were they upset?

Did you cut it or take them somewhere?

Monroe isn't close to being ready.. but I love hearing about others!

    Melissa Middleton
    Jonah is still getting his hair, which is now turning blonde as it comes it. Goodbye to my Little Ginger Baby. I believe most mothers get their child's first hair cut around 2 or 3, depending on how much hair the child's usually with baby boys though because baby girls tend to keep theirs longer.
      Tristen was about 5 months old and we shaved it off...his hair was SO bad though. Super fine, thin, straight hair and patchy. And not that bald spot in the back but patchy on top and sides. Poor kid. Lol
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