What a day!

at 3:45 this morning my dad fell on his own walker, busted open his head and usually I am pretty good at first aid but this time I could not stop the bleeding! Spent all day until 6:57 p.m. In the V.A. Er . Now my caregiving job just got more challenging. He cannot walk alone anymore.

    Geez thats awful. Sorry to hear. I hope he heals up quick. He will be in my prayers.
      aww good morning ladies and thank you, Yes we are home but in a lot of pain.he can barely move but at the moment lord forgive that is a good thing. This way he has to wait for help and I am sure of what he is doing.
        8Theresa Gould
        :( I am so sorry. I hope he heals quickly.
          Oh my! That is not good at all! I hope he is doing better.
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