Do you have your teens electronic passwords?

For their electronic devices, social media and online accounts? Do you think it is a good idea to have them? We had a couple of them and then we had a list but have lost the list and have to ask for an updated one. We think it is wise to have the passwords and are for online monitoring.

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Sure do. But you know if a teen wants to sneak around and make a fake Facebook or get on a chat site you don't want them to, they will. Unless you are watching every movement and/or have a key logger then it can happen.

    So I made a deal with my daughter. She gives me the passwords and I have access to the history but I don't go into it unless I feel I need to. And at any time I can ask for the phone or laptop and she must hand it over.

    Only twice have I had to do this. Once when she and a girl were fighting on Facebook. I made her unfriend and block the girl and erase any drama from her wall. The other time was when she friend-ed someone on there that was an adult male that she didn't know. I made her unfriend him right away and she claimed she thought it was her other friends brother.

    So I haven't had to use it, thankfully. But I trust her (but I still keep my eyes peeled, lol)
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