my computer is gone

Ok, I will be trying to read as many posts as possible from my phone, but the rental place came and snatched the computers. We are two weeks behind and just don't have the money with hubbys job subsiding. The snow is starting, but not enough to plow yet. They have a deal on black friday we may try and get one of the computers back, but i just dont know. This really stinks when i am pretty much stuck to the bed. ​

Amanda HurleyFlat Rock, Michigan
Amanda Hurley
We were in a rent to own situation at rent a center. We just cannot afford it.
    Amanda I truly hope we'll have mobile version soon)

    And more - I hope you'll get your computers back!
      Amanda Hurley
      We pay weekly and there is no intrest, but the fees do suck. We had a computer, but some hacked it remotely and crashed everything.
        8Theresa Gould
        That's sad they took them. For your sake, I hope the snow keeps coming so your husband will have work. Hope you can find a good deal to get one of them back on Friday.
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