So i need some advice......

I've been feeling very stressed and less attached to the little love of my life.... my son! My fiance is in school 5 days a week and the other two days he is doing home work so this momma has 95% of the baby responsibility and work 3 12hr shifts as a CNA and as a mobile 10month old he is into everything. My need from you guys is advice. What should i do? i dont like feeling like he stresses me out and that i need a break everyday. Can you get postpartum depression this late in his life? How do i feel better? Dont get me wrong i love my son and it hurts dropping him off at daycare and it hurts when i get frustrated when i dont have time to relax. I cant tell if im burnt out or if it is postpartum depression. I feel like a bad mother some times because i get stressed easily. Please HELP

    Sometimes as a mom the job becomes very routine and you feel trapped in the routine and it almost feels like the baby isn't a person but just a job and you start to feel less attached. Sometimes a break that isn't going to work helps you refocus and feel like a person again. Sometimes I get to the point where I feel like a workhorse and not like a woman with any feelings. Stepping back for a while and doing something for myself or having some quiet time really helps me keep that attachment to my husband and my son.
    If you feel like you could be depressed though you should definitely talk to your doctor about it.
      8Theresa Gould
      I agree with Amy. I think you should just take some time for yourself and do what you enjoy. I think you will feel refreshed. Do you have any family members who could watch Matthew for you to do that?
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