It's Friday everywhere

Happy Friday ladies, hope you are all having a great day. I woke up and went through my usual morning routine, got ready and got the kids up for school. I told them one more day and it's the weekend, they got up pretty good today even Jordan who's usually my problem child in the morning he does not like waking up for school. Once he's up though he's fine and gets ready with the rest of the kids.

Chloe doesn't have school on Monday's or Friday's which makes those two day's a tad bit easier for me. I stopped at McDonald's after dropping the kids off and let Chloe and Nick play on the play equipment, Cody and Aubrey stayed by me and I drank my coffee and stayed there for about 45 minutes. After we left there we came back home and I turned the TV in the family room on for Chloe, Nick and Cody. Aubrey fell asleep in the van though so I put her down in her crib. I'm having a pretty good day and not quite as busy as a normal Friday but just wait until the big kids get home from school, that's when it'll turn into a much busier day. Big football game tonight, Emily will be cheerleading and they play their crosstown rivals tonight, the school's are only about two miles apart. Hopefully Emily's team wins and I hope you ladies have a great Friday.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
    8Theresa Gould
    You too! We are heading to the park to play a little later and hopefully going for a walk.
    9Michelle Fritch
    Aww hope she feels better soon, luckily none of mine haven't got sick yet which is shocking because one of them usually has been sick by now. Hope I didn't just jinx myself.
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