Hello everybody!

Sorry guys! I haven't had the down time to get online lately. I was taken from my original classroom and given to a new classroom and a whole new bunch of kids to get settled. Things are going okay now so i should be able to get back online in the afternoons again.

    8Theresa Gould
    Welcome back, Emerald! We missed you! Glad to have you back.
      The class is actually runnning smoothly...still have new students trickling in @Melissa no i'm head teacher because apparently they hiriing process is slow. (they're not giving me teacher pay for it so i'm not all that happy about it) the kids make up for any unhappiness because they are good, eager and ready to learn and its a low maintenence class. Thank goodness. I've got more paper work than i want or need so getting everything done without having to take it home or stay late is beginning to be a pain in the butt.
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      Hello, I'm Emerald, and i have a 7yearold daughter Symoni. (sa mah knee) I am a single parent and we are a bit unconventional because she isn't my biological daughter. I have no biological children thus far but one day hopefully.