When the grandparents give too much

I haven't really had to deal with this, my family has been pretty good about it. A good friend of mine though has well intentioned, but annoying in laws who spend WAY too much on her kids. The kids went with them for a weekend and came back with iPods. She talked to her MIL and explained that it was too much outside of it being a holiday and MIL understood.

The very next weekend the MIL took them to buy iTunes cards and also bought them expensive headphones. When my friend asked her MIL why she did that after the conversation she said the kids didn't like the ear buds, so she didn't see the problem with getting the headphones. No mention of a reason for the iTunes cards.

On one side she's happy that the parents in law love her kids and want to spend time with them. On the other side she feels like this is making her kids begin to feel entitled. She thinks this because they already had other (not as expensive) headphones besides the ear buds. She doesn't want her kids to ask and ask and ask for things.

So, which side are you on? Team parents in law (let them buy stuff, this is so not a big deal) or Team Mom (the kids won't need Christmas at this rate)?

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