It's a boy!! Birth issues

so, I had my baby on the 19th. He was by a planned c section, born at 8:30 am. He's 6 pds 4oz. Names Travis Ray. Took until the morning of birth to finally agree on a name for him. He was on oxygen for the first five hours of his life. He had fluid in his lungs. Supposably it's all cleared up now, but yet sometimes I still think he has it. He breaths really loud and sometimes like if he's trying to catch his breath. I on the other hand had problems to and maybe even be life long now. They started out not being able to get a I'v started, it took seven tries. Then when it came time to do the anistedic in my back they took another five or so tries. So then I ended up getting more then I needed. Made me have a drop in my heart rate. With all the pokes in the back they said I have more of a chance to have back problems. Now I also have high blood pressure, like really high, on meds for it. Still haven't been able to get them yet though. No way to get them... Anyways. Because of all these things they messed up on and caused before they even took my baby out, I chickened out on getting my tubes tied. I figured if they messed up this much already they could very easily do it agian. Was not taking any chances. The bad thing is I don't want to get pregnant agian. Ever. Especially sense so far with all three of my pregnancies things got worse n worse for me. Also each of the babies wanted to come early.. The next one even more early then the other. I'm scared that if i get pregnant agian things will be even worse. The fact that this last time my heart rate dropped n I couldn't breath freaks me out.. What if next time I domt make it out? I no, should have gotten tubes tied anyways? Well I also no people who had there tubes tied and still ended up pregnant. Oviously more dangerous that way... So I guess my thing now is, what's a good long term birth control so I don't get pregnant agian.. Like ever..

    8Theresa Gould
    Congratulations on the birth of your son! I like his name. I'm so sorry to hear of all the issues and complications surrounding his birth for you and for him. Newborns usually do breath differently, do you remember if this is different than with your other babies? Mine have always kept me awake or woke me up with their noises. And did the doctor say if they got all the fluid out or if there was some left that would work its way out on its own?
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