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so it's been a couple years sense I had a baby.. Middle child is going to be three. Anyways.. This new baby.. He's the most complicated.. Travis has been home for about four days now. He wakes up every hour at night. Seems to start around nine pm until around five the next morning. He sleeps fine during the day. I really don't remember how I got my other two to sleep at night instead of during the day.. Ideas?? I rock, Swattle, use music, cuddle, oviously feed, burp n change... Nothing works. He acts like he's so Hungary. Yet when I feed him he hardly eats any nd if he does he eats alittle. Well during the day anyways. At night he eats a lot, but still won't sleep. Won't stop crying. I mean he eats a lot. Two four oz bottles with in a couple hours really need help. I have other kids n need sleep. Frustrated.

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