One thing you would have changed about your wedding?

Ladies who have been married, what is one thing you would have changed about your wedding?

I would not have let me ex MIL pick the cake topper. She picked one of the bride dragging the groom along, which I THOUGHT she had bought just to be funny. I'm a person who likes humor quite a bit so I agreed to it. In retrospect, she REALLY did think I was dragging her son to the altar. HAHA, hardly lady, hardly.

What is something you would change if you could go back?

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      Honestly I wouldn't change anything. It was just us and the justice of the peace and that was pretty much perfect for me.
      When I worked in a salon I did SO many weddings and no one ever seemed happy on that day. I promised myself I would never have a wedding. Lol
        I would have to add in my wedding my parents and siblings attend the special day. But bringing them all over here in the US is a very long process.
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