What got you through those first few weeks?

Mamas, what "got you through" those first few weeks of having a newborn, can you remember? It can be anything at all.. a food, your parents, your s/o, sleeping on a couch, a show.. anything!

For me? My husband was amazing.. but late night shows and being able to not worry at all about when work would start again was so nice!

    My mom and husband. My mom would call every day to ask if there was anything she could do/ help with and even when I said no brought food and did some of the house work.

    My husband was just my rock, he would do the laundry and dishes and carried me when my hip was really bad (I damaged my hip while giving birth). He would also encourage me to pump a few bottles so he could help with night feeds if I was too tired. He would also rub my feet and my back "just because"... (man I wish he would do that now!)
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