Doc Appt - 12 days to go, give or take!

Had another doc appt today, she says the sore/achiness is a good sign my body is getting set for spontaneous labor so that's encouraging. No dilation yet, but since that's not much of an indicator of anything I'm not too worried about it. I thought this morning I might be leaking some amniotic fluid, but didn't freak since I had an appt today anyways. She checked while I was there and it wasn't, so all is well. We went over tentative labor at home/go to the hospital timing and since this is baby #2, it can be a little trickier. It was nice to have my hubby there so he could hear what she said too in case I forget while laboring at home :) He also knows to remind the docs and nurses that we would like to delay cord clamping for a few minutes barring any complications. All in all a good visit, as she left she says "see you next Friday... or sooner" hahahah!!!

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