Today my Business hosted a Mom2Mom sale. It is where moms buy booths and spaces to sell gently used items to other mothers for cheap. :) Its a fun thing and brings a bunch of moms together to mingle. Do any of you have this in your area? It was the first one our county has ever had, and it was really amazing my Business got to Host it. I really enjoyed it and I think everyone who was in the sale and came just to shop loved it. People liked it so much We are doing another in 6 months!! Brag moment for me. :) Have any of you been to anything like this? If so what kind of things did they do there to bring people in? I am looking to make the next one bigger and better!! ​

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    I would LOVE to do something like that. No, I've never heard of such a thing. :) Maybe when I move back to the east coast I will try to set something up in the area.
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