Just say NO?

I'm curious mommas, what will you be teaching your children about drugs? Are you taking the just say no stance? Why or why not?

    Ok, time to be absolutely honest and personal with this one, so here goes. I will be talking to my son ALOT about this topic and he will know we mean NO. I have a sister who is a recovering drug addict (she's been clean for 2 years) and was told by a court judge to either get clean or go to jail for up to 10 years. Drugs made my sister do things that we still can not forgive her for. My sister has permission to scare my son about it. I also have drug use in my past and I'm ashamed of who I was back then. We will teach our son that even if it's pressured on him, he will be smart enough not to fall for it.
    I have a family member who is a drug addict as well. It is a TERRIBLE thing to deal with. I have had to pretty much put this person on low contact, we only see them during holidays. I can't let my kids develop a relationship with them because I fear the influence and I can't subject them to the behavior. It REALLY sucks.

    They are incarcerated now but will be out in a year. And then will almost assuredly be doing the same stuff all over again.
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