The Little Things... :D

I've heard and believe one of the big keys to true happiness is finding bliss in the little things.

Some little things that make me smile:

Clean sheet night... love how everything is all soft and fresh ‚Äčand warm- especially blankets straight from the dryer.

Scented candles in a homey smell. Having a candle around always brightens my mood.

Finding a great book for super cheap or on the 'take for free' library cart. (Found Watership Down once!)

Bubble baths

Finding awesome productivity/lifehacks/learning tips

What about you guys? Name a few little things in life that always make you feel good!

    I'm totally with you on the clean sheets things. some others for me is flowers, nature, watching my girls be kind to each other or others, a clean house; once everything's done and I can just set around and look at my clean house lol.
    Loooove baking muffins from scratch. What's your favorite? I love PB&J and I tried a strange pear-cheese muffin recipe once and it was delicious!
      Amanda Hurley
      Waking up to smiling faces of my kids.
        8Theresa Gould
        Harmony in our home (though that could be considered a big thing too), toothbrush and toothpaste, I'm with you on the productivity and efficiency tips as we are working on those this winter, organizational tools, the ability to clean....and so much more.
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