What season do you love to get pictures done most in? Mine, hands down is the Fall!! I love the colors. I wish they lasted longer here in Indiana. Are you picture freaks like me?! I get pictures done for everything you can think of. Holidays, Birthdays, Trips, and just cuz its a day of the week! I am picture CRAZY!! anyone else? ​Here are a few of our Fall pictures, Oh how I love this little man. :) #Happymommy

    I love love pictures. Although we haven't had them professionally done in a long time(to long). I take pictures daily usually and when I have a nice scene or background I'll try to make some professional ones(posing kids and props) myself. It just sucks cause I'm usually the one taking the pictures so I'm not in many and my husband works a lot so there usually just pictures of the kids. My favorite seasons to take them are fall and Christmas. The beautiful leaves and colors make great pics
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      Whenever I have the motivation and time.
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