How did you find out you were pregnant ad what was your reactions?

Mine is a funny story. I was with my friends and their newborn baby. We were goofing off looking at our bellies in the mirror. We goofed off acting like we were pregnant. She had extra pregnancy tests and we decided to take one because she was joking with her boyfriend that she was pregnant again. So as a joke we both took one and when mine right away came back with a positive blue sign I SCREAMED! She came running in, i was shaking so bad, didnt think it was really true. She was all excited and said aweee guys shes pregnant! I took a pictre and sent it to my bf who wasnt as excited as i was, we were both terrified! I remember he threw the test out the car window driving down the road.

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    I was with my niece and we decided to go up to family planning and get me tested just to be safe after a year and a half of negatives I expected a negative when the lady told me it was positive I was in shock like wait what we walked back to my sister in laws and my niece told her and then I called my hubby and told him to leave work and meet me for pizza when he got there I had a card for him with the positive inside he cried
      For me I get sick almost from the moment I get pregnant so the positive test has never really been a complete shock...but even at that there is always that initial shock when you see that positive! lol
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      I got pregnant at 18, had him month after I turned 19. Currently 21. I work full time, full time student and full time momma to Mr. Carter Layne Kennedy. He was born august 23rd,2012. Was born 2w3d early. 6lbs 7oz 21in. I had a VERY hard pregnancy.