Mommys girl

So last night I tried to get Sofia to sleep a bunch of times. She was scabious my tired and kept falling asleep on my arms!! So when she did I put her in her bed( after waiting like 5 more minutes to make sure she was out!) but as soon as I turned my back to get myself into bed, she woke up wide eyed! So I tried it again (3 attempts) and thy same thing happened every time. So after that I brought her in my bed with me and laid her down next to me while still awake and she falls asleep without a flinch... Is she a mommys girl or what!!!! I love her. She is lucky she is not even 2 months old yet because this isn't going to fly at 4 months lol

    Awwww she just loves her mommy.
      I usually bring her in the bed with me around her 5 or 6 am feeding because that is when I feel most tired. But I am uncomfortable with it all night because my boyfriend is a heavy sleeper and I am afraid that something will happen. Plus he is a bed hog sometimes so I have to put myself in the middle and put Sofia on the end with a pillow behind her. That's why I only bring her for a few hours in the bed
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