Work from home: not phone related

Okay, here's my list of work from home jobs that are not phone related. I am not familiar with most of these personally so I'd appreciate feedback if you don't like a company or you do like one. Some of these are not paid gigs, but instead offer freebies or something like that. If I know I will add the info.


Elance (aka Odesk)


Chat Moderator


Lionbridge (I have heard this is good if you are bilingual)

ChaCha (pays, is a research position)

Bzzz agent (no pay as far as I know, free products for testing)

KGB (pays but is not easy to get on with)


Virtual Bee

Demand Studios



On point (my understanding is this is both phone and non phone)

I am adding this last one at the bottom here because it is adult in nature. It is cam modeling, phone and text information about positions. DO NOT go to this site if you are uncomfortable with adult work. I have no opinion one way or the other and would appreciate it if we remain respectful when it comes to this topic.

I hope this helps and will be adding more if I can find the information!

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