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Ok so I have written about the neighbors daughter before and how I really am not fond of her. Well she went away mysteriously and now has come back. She continues to just show up in our yard when we are outside and wants to play with my daughter. She is 14 my daughter is 11. She has a lot of issues in her life which I feel horrible about but I do not want my daughter exposed to it. We're going through enough. Whenever she comes I call my daughter in. My daughter is now getting very upset because she wants to play. I don't know how to tell the girl don't come over but I really do not want her here. Does anyone have any suggestions? I can't keep my daughter inside all the time she wants to play with the other kids but this girl is just not good.

Alyssa MartinezNew Port Richey, Florida
Alyssa Martinez
we have talked and my daughter is upset but even when my daughter has said ok I don't wanna play she will sit and stare at our house. Then she will continually knock on our door for her to come back out. I tell the girl she is done playing for the day but she'll come back. Reminds me of a stalker movie .
    I would try to talk to my daughter again and if that didn't work then I would try and talk to the parents of the other girl. Maybe try and phrase it to where you think the age difference isn't good or something like that so it doesn't seem like you are insulting their child, and let them know that when you tell the other girl that your daughter can't play anymore that day that she keeps coming back. It may be the only way to stop it.
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