i took my children to the farmers market today since it was at the park i thought i would kill two birds with one stone. my son is just starting to walk and was toddling around the stands. as i was paying for my fruit i see him grab the bottom zucchini in a huge pile and the whole thing comes tumbling down. now i am mortified but my son looks at he mess and says "uh uh oh" and starts to put them back. i was so proud of him. after we got them all cleaned up and back in place the nice lady even gave my son the zucchini that he was trying to grab for free and thanked me for being a responsible parent and cleaning up after my children.

    Awww how sweet! She either sees a lot of rotten kids throughout her day or she has kids of her own and knows that teaching them to pick up after themselves is not an easy task! lol Good job Mom!
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