I feel so ancient right now... LOL...

Like in some gramma voice, "You know, back in the days.. we had to PLUG in a white box, that if not matched on a channel with your handset, would make a horrible static noise"...

Seriously. Like I feel way outta the loop, like I used a cup and a string...

SO... My friend has one, that looks like a magic eight ball but super tiny in her baby's room corner, above the door... from ANY computer or phone, she can zoom in and out and around the room...

It's fun.. and addictive... and I think I would have slept a LOT better if I could see my babies... every movement sound on my ancient one, I would bolt up, certain they'd wedged themselves in a corner and couldn't breathe...

This is where I would spend my money... Not the bjorn or car seat or stroller.. I'd get the top of the line baby watcher...​

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    8Theresa Gould
    That is so neat. I can see using one with my iPhone.
      8Theresa Gould
      I've only seen baby monitors like this from afar. I cannot even imagine. I don't think we had a large enough house to warrant one but could see using something like that in our present house....maybe....we still have lots of sets of eyes so the frugal side of me would probably win out.
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