I hate being pregnant....dont get me wrong I love this child with all my heart but why does it suck so much being pregnant. I feel sick and tired all the time and my boobs hurt so bad... sometimes I think maybe I'm not ready and thats why I feel this way. I should really suck it up and not say or think things like that but how can i help how i feel. please tell me it gets easier i'm still in the first trimester so.. yeah is this normal thinking or am I just being unreasonable.

    I am in the first timester and this is my second one...I hate everything about being pregnant! I did with the first one as well. Everything hurts, I can't stop throwing up and I hate the doctor visits (except getting to see baby). But yeah...being pregnant...hate it!
      Some women just have a harder pregnancy then other women. We all react differently to the change in hormones. Try not to be hard on yourself. I had some rough pregnancy symptoms too and I always hated being pregnant, I loved by babies but hated being pregnant. Try to do something nice for yourself, get a massage, a manicure, a nap, anything for yourself that might help you feel a little better. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family and feel free to post your vents and complaints here, we are always here to listen!
        Ever Lopez
        Is ok to think like this! I am in my third trimester and I tell ppl "This has being my worse pregnancy", of course you get those looks but I don't really care I being sick since the moment I found out I was pregnant! Is all the hormones that are making you feel this way! I had my husband " Is my pregnancy and say what I want too"
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