Are doctors biased against female patients?

Many times in my life I have talked to a doctor to have them diagnose me with "anxiety". One in particular was at an Army hospital, when I was dealing with blood sugar issues. The exact quote was "I know deployment is really hard for wives to deal with. Anxiety is causing your issues."

I was pretty taken aback since I wasn't feeling anxious at all. If anything I was now angry because I felt like my lack of testicles made me appear to be more fragile than I am.

I do believe that some, certainly not all, but some doctors treat females as being walking, talking anxiety issues. I know when I have anxiety, and when I do not. Once you hear the words anxiety though you know you have been dismissed. Men don't have to deal with this, which is another debate in and of itself when it comes to mental healthcare and men.

What do you think, ladies? Have you ever felt written off because of your gender by a medical professional?

    When I was younger I had serious insulin issues - I picked up weight, my insulin on an empty stomach was through the roof and I was pretty much sick all the time. I ended up being pre-diabetic and was diagnosed by a male doc as having hormonal changes due to puberty and depression... I was 15... And he prescribed anti depressants etc which were awful, I was like a zombie!!!

    Then I got so sick I could barely move so at 17 I saw a woman doctor who actually did some tests - urine, blood, scans etc and found out that I was a very sick girl! I had an inflamed pancreas and 2 tumors growing inside.

    Within 2 weeks I had my surgery, was put on the right medication and felt SO much better. My mom was so pissed off at the other doc she got him fired and he lost his licence...
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