Protecting your baby from getting sick...

When my babies were little and fairly immobile is when ​they were the healthiest... I could keep them safe in their stroller and monitor what they touched, etc... Once they started moving though... they basically started licking everything. It was disgusting and I was HORRIFIED..

My first son would be jolted into tears sometimes when I would see him pick something up at the park and start to eat it and I would jump and scream, "no" and he would jump, and toss it and cry because I scared him.. lol...

Luckily for us, no cat poo ever made it in... That I saw anyway... But everywhere to me looked like possible infectious diseases were like, dripping off the walls... Target, friends house, market... everything and I was always doing his hands with a wipe, etc...

Here is what I know now... Your baby... is going to get a cold and a cough and sick and a fever... and it sucks.. and even though YES.. you can try and protect them from weird illnesses like cat poo or ring worm or hand foot mouth, BUT.. most of the time, you can't...

Truth is... If you are playing with another child and that child has a cold or got sick... and you don't want to play with them anymore... well, the thing I learned is that the child is the MOST contagious 24-48 hours PRIOR to actually showing signs and BEING ill...

Fun, right? So, with my second, I chilled way down... the germs are there, they are invisible.. the ones you CAN See (snot on another child) are the last of it.. .they were there long before they appeared.

This would have freaked me out back in the early days.. But, I'm not trying to.. what I AM trying to do is.. let you know.. it's OKAY... Your baby will get sick and they will make it through (you will too) and do the best you can by keeping their hands clean and let go... Cause I would drive myself total bat sh*t crazy.

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    8Theresa Gould
    When my children were younger and my circle of friends and I were getting together, we'd tell each other when and if our children were sick. We'd actually cancel play dates in favor of keeping everyone healthy because they got sick enough without us purposely exposing them to stuff. And when I had five children for it to work through my friends with two or three children always understood.
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