Hey moms,
I am no longer with my LOs dad, and he has asked to take her to Belgium for 2 weeks so she can meet his family ALONE. I'm freaked about being apart from her this young. Is it irrational? Should I let her go with dad?

    That would be so hard! I think that you just have to do what feels right for you. It is totally not irrational...I would be scared of my son being away from me for that long. Have you met any of his family? It would still be hard but if you knew who she was going to be around it might make it a little easier.
    I would also maybe check with her doctor about making sure it is safe for her. I know that some countries you travel too require extra vaccines and depending on whether you have chosen to vaccinate that may be your deciding factor for you.
      No way, my baby would not be going alone to a foreign country. Maybe when she's old enough to tell you about it lol. Just too scary to me.
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