Is whole milk important?

Elise is not ready to stop nursing and hates whole milk I'm not sure if she really needs it since she is having her vitamin D supplements. Is there calcium supplements for toddlers when they don't like whole milk?

    Yes. It helps them get all the calories, fats and vitamins they need that they are not getting from the formula anymore...

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    That time when your child is between 1-2 years old is the prime time to push the whole milk. Children between 1-3 years old need 700 milligrams of calcium per day. If they get that all from whole milk, that’s 2.5 cups! Here are some of the many great benefits to whole milk for babies from 1-2 years old:

    Calcium and Vitamin D: It’s pretty common knowledge that milk contains calcium and vitamin D, but these minerals and vitamins are essential in building strong bones in your child.
    Dietary Fats: Your child needs these nutritious higher fat content foods for normal growth and brain development. Did you know that 80% of your child’s brain development happens before the age of 2?
    Protein: Protein helps build strong muscles as your child grows into an active toddler, not to mention the many other essential nutrients found in whole milk.

    Choosing organic whole milk ensures your child is getting the best nutrition possible. No pesticides or added hormones means your child is getting the most consistent and healthy option for their milk intake.

    It makes me feel good every time my son says ‘ka’ (our son’s reference to milk) and reaches for his milk. I know he’s getting excellent nutrition!
    I plan to breastfeed until she wants, no hurry :( she nurses on demand. i call the Lactation consultant today she said breastfeeding is the best compare to whole milk since she has vitamin D supplement and to give calcium from other foods.