frequent ultrasounds and your baby

Some moms like to have ultrasound done for "entertainment" purpose. Lot of cool technologies are available now: 3D, making DVD of unborn baby, etc. Previous research on potential risks has suggested that excessive scanning could cause growth problems. When a tech said that your baby is hiding it simply means your baby is trying to get relieve from noise. I think that clinical ultrasounds have to be limited to medical purposes only.

So how many and often are safe? My opinion 2-3 ultrasounds during the pregnancy is enough if baby is healthy.

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    I agree 2 or 3 should be the limit as long as your babies healthy. And I don't like 3D ultrasounds so you can see almost exactly what your baby looks like that's the fun thing about your pregnancy is waiting to see what this little person inside you looks like. But I do think the 3D ultrasounds are great for medical reasons.
      I have had 3 so far.. and might not have another.. which is fine, because it means everything is fine as well. I also agree about those 3d ones.. I think it takes so much fun out of meeting them for the first time.. plus, hello, you don't REALLY get a good look at what they will look like.. I have seen loads of those 3d ultrasound pics and I guess they just aren't for me :)
        I think I'd like to have a 3d ultrasound. I have not heard much info about the lack of safety in the ultrasounds, and would life to see your references if you happen to have them. :) I find ultrasounds to be very, very comforting, so I am not sure how many I will have.
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