Good baby making "juju" for HIM!

A lot of what I have read here, and even posted myself has been about getting us ladies primed for baby making... (and carrying, and birthing)
But what (if anything) is there that we can do to get our men's swimmers doing what they are supposed to do?
I know the more obvious ones - boxers over briefs and being physically healthy but does anyone have any tips on getting him to his best without drastically changing everything he loves and without being a drag?

The last thing any man wants is his wife / partner nagging about what he should be doing so things that we can do to steer him in the direction we want them to go without it being obvious is something I definitely need help with.

    There are lots of little things you can do without even telling him. Being healthy, eating right and staying fit are great ways to help. If you do the cooking just start making slow changes to his diet, it will benefit both of you in the baby making process. Have him take vitamins or do it through diet. Vitamins A & E and Zinc can help. Also a big one is reducing stress, which is important for both of you. Maybe trade a massage or two and it will help you both relax. Maybe suggest a family walk in the evening to get some exercise in.