Mom, I am athiest.

Ladies, how would you feel if one of your kids came to you and said they were athiest?

Would you be upset? Concerned? Figure it was a phase and not worry about it?

    I think I would have some questions, as well, but I would try my best to be reasonable and understanding, rather than just shutting them down right off.
      I would be totally 100% fine with it. I had religion shoved down my throat until I was 16 and finally said NO! (Im not bad mouthing religion at all, I just dont need it shoved at me)

      I have started teaching my son about religion - all of it not just christianity - and he has even gone to sunday school with my grandparents as I do not attend church. He has also been exposed to judaism, islam, pagans and atheists. He has heard the religious debates that my husband and I get into and he had heard my opinions on religion in general, I respect it but its just not for me.

      At the end of the day you can give your child all the guidance you want but they have to make the decision for themselves. Religious beliefs are a personal thing and you cant make that decision for your child, They believe or they dont. Its that simple.
        Idk really I know that their magpaw(my dad) would flip though
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