So we just had dinner and I told the kids that if they ate all their dinner they could have chocolate milk or they could have regular milk and a small snack. So the 2 oldest picked chocolate/strawberry milk and my youngest pick white milk and marshmallows. They all set down and started to watch cartoons after dinner and my youngest kept telling me how I'm the best mommy in the world and how great I am and how she loves me so much :). She totally just made my day, hell my week :). I have some really great kids. So now I decided that if I'm having a bad day and don't feel all that great I'm just going to give her some marshmallows lol. JK.​

    We try that with Breanika, shes 3. It works if we sit and watch her eat, but if we so much as get up to pee she'll sneak a little at a time into the garbage. Then she says shes done and we give her a snack, were learning to check the garbage first.
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