Dennison Polar Express

I was searching the internet for fun things to take the kids to do for the Christmas season and found this place Dennison Polar Express. Its a working train station where you take your family, wear pj's​, ride a real train while someone reads the polar express book to you drink hot cocoa and eat cookies, play games and activites. Then you'll stop at Santa's workshop and pick him up and he'll ride back with you and visit and give every kid a present (a bell like off the movie). Sounds like so so so much fun. The Polar Express is very popular in our house. Its crazy expensive though, $60 a ticket for first class and $40 a ticket for coach. We're going to try to make it just depends on how things go this year. Just wanted to tell everybody in case you want to look into it :)

Lol that's what I said. I didn't even mention it to the kids just cause I don't want to get their hopes up but I read that and swear I turned into a 10 year old. I called my hubby, mom, and bff like" omg its the coolest thing ever we have to go the kids would luv it". I think for a kid it would rate right up there with Disney world as far as the magic of it. So cool :). I can just imagine the looks in their eyes.
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    Sounds fun!
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