Marijuana and breastfeeding

Before I found out I was pregnant I will admit that I used marijuana. Once I found out I was pregnant I immediately quit cold turkey...
I was conversating with a friend who does smoke marijuanna while breastfeeding and did her whole pregnancy and her baby's doctor cleared him extremely healthy and still to this day...
I was reading up on smoking and breastfeeding and it said that the THC can get into your milk and be passed through to the baby and he or she could come up positive for it in a pee test. This is why I refrained from smoke while breastfeeding although sometimes I do miss it for realaxiation.

My friend says that she only does it for relaxation.

Now mamas be honest with me, do any of you smoke marijuana and breastfeed your baby? How is your baby's health?

I don't want to smoke and breastfeed.
I'm just curious to hear some stories

    I do not and I would not. I have heard similar stories of people claiming their baby is healthy and that might be true. My concern is we do not know how it affects a developing brain. Can it alter or damage their very rapidly growing brain? So much growth is happening right now and any damage that happens most likely is irreversible. It is just not a risk I would be willing to take.
      I have a friend who does that, her son gets sick with a cold and always has a runny nose. She stopped breastfeeding after he was 8 months or so but it's an interesting comparison to my child whose been breastfed and only had one cold so far she's 11 months old, i smoked before I was pregnant and quit when I found out I was pregnant, haven't touched it since. I was using for medicinal purposes though.
      I agree, good topic!
        I didn't and wouldn't. I know that for us we had to move out of an apartment because the guy downstairs smoked it and it was making Tristen lethargic and his eyes would glass over. Then when we would go visit my parents for a few days he would be grumpy and almost going through withdraws, then be fine until we got home. It just would never be worth the risk to me, not only because of breastfeeding but because of what I watched Tristen go through from the second hand smoke.
          I have a friend who recently had a baby girl, and she smoked weed all through her pregnancy (and as far as I know, still does). I don't know if she's breastfeeding or not. I genuinely disapproved of it, even though she swore that it was fine. I'm not sure why I disapproved of it, it just made me nervous. I have smoked before (a few times last year), but I actively choose not to now. It's an easier choice for me to make than for SO, who used to be a MAJOR pot head (we're talking perpetually stoned), but he's not allowed to smoke either ;) We mad a deal back in February that we were done smoking ANYTHING, which means no cigarettes, cigars, hookah, e-cigs, weed... anything. So far so good.
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