Cramping in Early Pregnancy

From everything I know, cramping in early pregnancy is very, very normal especially if it's a dull sort of pain and nothing super intense.

I just got my BFP today, but have a low backache and... sort-of-cramping. Praying for the best and trying not to worry myself in circles.

​How many of you cramped during early pregnancy? Let's say the first 7 weeks... What about spotting? Have heard it's normal too, but would love some reassurance right about now!

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    Ok so don't freak out when you start reading my story cause it ends well. So I had one miscarriage about 1 1/2 years after I got off the depo shot and a couple months later I got pregnant again. On Christmas eve that year I started spotting and cramping(actually pretty bad, but not horrible) again so needless to say I was totally freaking out and decided I wasn't going to go anywhere Christmas morning( usually go to my moms) but I calmed myself down and decided I wasn't going to let a maybe, what if ,ruin my Christmas so I got up Christmas morning and went to my moms. Well and everything was fine and now I have the most beautiful smart 4 year old daughter. So don't stress yourself about anything just live your life. And cramping alone is very normal in your early pregnancy your bodies preparing itself for a lot of changes. Just pray and I'll pray for you :)
      8Theresa Gould
      Yes, but not with spotting unless I was miscarrying. Our wombs start to stretch and some of it can feel like cramping, especially after one pregnancy.

      Has your bleeding got worse?
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