Our Busy Day

So this morning Em was coughing so I just gently patted her back and fed her and then put her back to sleep. Then I woke her up for another feeding and got her dressed for her appointment. Her doctor said it was just a bad cold so we got a prescription and have to give it to her every evening. Then we went home and made lunch and then went house hunting. We saw a townhouse we liked and a little bungalow also. Then we went shopping and bought some new clothes and bought some salmon and more diapers and wipes. Then we cooked dinner and we are in the middle of getting her ready for bed, Ryan's giving her a bath right now. Then I got a call from the school that I work part time at saying that they found a full time music teacher. So now I am looking for work at other schools. So thought I'd give you an update on the appointment and our busy day.

    8Theresa Gould
    Glad she's ok and you had a productive day!
      I hope Emilie feels better soon! Sounds like you had a busy day. I hope your able to find another part time job somewhere close to you.
      We went on a walk and Selena explored nature, tired herself out with all that walking. I'm cooking dinner while she's napping.
        Wow! That does sound busy.
        It definitely was a bit of both worlds..lovely yet stressful and busy. Her medicine has definitely kicked in. She still has a small cough and runny nose but it has improved greatly in the past 24 hours. The salmon was so good, it is definitely in season. I have contacted the program that assigns me jobs at different schools and they said they'd get back to me on Thursday. It was nice yet sad waking up at my regular time, not earlier. I have taught music for a year and the year before I taught as a gym teacher 3 days a week and a kindergarten aid the other 2.
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