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8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    I remember my parents saying this when I was younger, that you had to lead by example. I always remember thinking that adults had it so much easier because what did they have to yell about? Boy was it a rude awakening when I became an adult. It is not an easy thing to lead by example!
      You know, I try very hard not to have a mommy tantrum when it comes to my kids. I'm pretty calm, I don't yell, I stay pretty even.

      But like maybe two or three times a year I lose it, lol. I just can't be happy and shiny all the time. The words "CLEAN UP THAT BATHROOM BEFORE I THROW EVERYTHING IN THE GARBAGE! HAVE YOU BEEN RAISED TO LEAVE THREE EMPTY TOILET PAPER ROLLS ON THE FLOOR NEXT TO A GLOB OF TOOTHPASTE?!?!" just erupt from my face. And then I keep going for a good hour, lol.

      So you know, when they have their tri-annual losing their minds day I just remember that we all need it every once in awhile.
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