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Hey ladies,

I haven't been here in a while! Been busy with Dylan who is 14 months yesterday, school, and life. So Dylan is crazy, he doesn't listen to anything and it always seems as he is testing my patience, he doesn't eAt well, he gags himself but hey I don't wNt to just focus on the negatives, he constantly does yoga poses which is awesome, I don't want to say anything positive, I might jinx it! lol. Any tips? Thanks

    I have a son much the same way. He is stubborn and strong willed and seems to learn nothing. Then one day he wakes up and just kind of "gets it" Me and my husband say the same thing that everytime we give him credit for being good and doing the right thing he then starts acting out. lol I have figured from the start that my son is very Alpha male. He likes things his way, so I try and let him have as many choices as possible. He picks out his clothes he wants to wear, picks from two choices for lunch or breakfast, picks what toy he wants to get...anything that does not disrupt the rules I try and let him have a say in. He does not know the words to say but he sure knows his own mind. It has helped a lot in getting him to follow some of the rules.
      It sounds like he is a very typical toddler, lol. They test our patience to no end and then when we feel at our breaking point they do something totally random and adorable to make up for it, lol.

      How are you handling things when he is not listening? It's hard to give advice without knowing what you are already doing. I will say though that with my kids, getting down on their level and making sure I had eye contact with them when I spoke seemed to help a little bit.
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        I think redirection is important at this age rather than commands.
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