feeling discouraged :(

got laid off Friday and it's couldn't be the worst timing .. close to holidays and me and my husband just got married and just figured out bills and such . We live on an airforce base in the middle of nowhere so it's very hard to find a job here . I feel like I let my husband down

    Hi Stefanie!
    I can understand your feelings - when I've got married I had the worst depression I can imagine). It was difficult times for me.
    As I know, it's usual thing and can be explained with the gap between the expectation and reality of marriage. As wedding is one of the most expected and "dreaming about" moment of women's life - the first year after marriage seems to be the hardest part.
    But i hope you guys got married because you love each other, didnt you?

    Did you have a wedding by the way?)
    oh yeh he is my best friend i cant see a life with out him. we had a big italian wedding.
    but thats not the problem m not depressed about getting married at all, im just upset that i lost my job when i got it i was making alot of money and was finially able to help my husband with bills. and now i cant and a feel bad
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      thank you.. yeh its a process to get a job on base but thats my only hope.. so wish me luck lol
        i just feel bad we just got settled in our house and just got all our bill in order and i was just able to help out with bills :(
          8Theresa Gould
          Sorry to hear you lost your job. I think if you asked your husband if he thinks you let him down, he'll say no because your job loss is out of your control. So don't blame yourself.

          It's hard to go through being unemployed. My husband is currently unemployed and I think he sometimes struggles with me making the money or more money than his unemployment. But I know he's grateful we are surviving.

          Hope you can find something else now that the holiday hiring has begun.
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          hi im stefanie im 27 got married to my best friend on 10/-6/13