how has school changed your child .. if any?

my daughter has always been very mature for her age (6) she handles situations of trouble properly more times than she doesnt, which im proud of! but ive notice a few changes since school, she has an attitude about everything, very snappy! now she cries at the drop of a hat over anything and everything! mainley when she doesnt get things her way, she tells me today "mommy, my teachers love me" just randomly after a crying fit she had this morning, im starting to worry how these teachers are handling situations with my daughter, she acts helpless now, like a baby!

Nikki Hicks
    LOL, it sounds like she is just adjusting to different adults expectations. That said, I might pop an email over tot he teacher. Something like "Hi Mrs. Suchandsuch. I have noticed that Chloe has been a bit more sensitive lately than usual. We are working with her on using her words and her tone of voice when asking for help. I'm curious, have you noticed a change at school lately? I'm trying to see if this is just with us, or everywhere."

    My guess is that she's around someone who is whiney at school and is picking up on that. It happens. Not fun.

    I've noticed my daughter has very little patience for people this school year, lol. I think she is just done with school in particular and the immaturity of a lot of high schoolers. Not that she's a paragon of maturity either, lol.
      We have not crossed this milestone yet. I am hopeful that school will be good for Tristen.
      I think I would talk to the teachers about it and just ask them how they handle those situations with her. Or if she saves them all up for home.
        8Theresa Gould
        It may be a combination of everything the other ladies mentioned. But I like Melissa's note, at least then you would know if it is just at home or both home and school.
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