Random, useless information

What random, useless information do you know?

Here's one from me:

Zero is the only number that cannot be represented by Roman numerals.

Your turn!


    here's mine:
    The Bible is the worlds best selling book, it is also the worlds most shop lifted book.
    Melissa Middleton
    Well, I hope those who stole it actually read it afterwards and learned something. Lol
      The traditional gift for 10 year anniversaries is something in tin.
      (Thank you Gilmore Girls for LOADS of useless information...)
        Melissa Middleton
        Wasps will paralyze a tarantula and use it as a host, inserting it's larva inside, and forming...while the tarantula is still alive. And, I've seen it happen in real life.


        An insects skeletal structure resides on the outside of their body. I will stop their because I will keep going on about insects, arachnids, and mulloscs.

        And, never get me started on numbers because I will continuously rant about patterns. My best-friend and I once had an hour discussion over zero.
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