Your teen is dating someone you don't really like

So let's say your 16/17 year old son or daughter has a new love interest. The more you hear about the person the less you like them. Maybe the kid lies to your child (and the kid hasn't figured it out). Perhaps they are just rude, doing things like cursing in front of you. Or maybe it's even worse, they seem jealous and possessive.

How would you handle a situation like this?

    Punch them. No not really I don't know honestly.
      Handle it very, very carefully. I think if you push too hard against this person it can sometimes cause your child to get even closer to them and cause them to distrust you even more. I think I would talk to my child in an open way about their feelings and ask how they think their relationship is going and not give my opinion, as hard as it might be. I think it might be best to wait until my child comes to me for my advice before saying something. Relationships at that age tend not to last long so as long as nothing serious is happening I would probably let it run it's course, within reason.

      I would praise my child for the good he/she is going. I would talk good things. I would try to set an example of how to treat someone you are in a relationship with. I would make sure I was their to listen, without judgment, to my child and help as needed. I would be sure to do what I could in a positive way as much as possible.
        Ohhh this hits so close to home... My 17 year old (step)sister-in-law is dating a guy the whole family thinks is no good. I'm pretty much the only one willing to even try and give the guy a shot, but he does NOT make it easy, believe me.

        Super long story short, my sister-in-law ends up leaving home/getting kicked out. My mother-in-law and (step)Father-in-law go to court with her and my SIL moves in with the boyfriend (which is okayed by a JUDGE to do so). She'll be 18 in February and just found out that she's 10 weeks pregnant.

        The whole family is blocked on Facebook and she changed her number. I just recently was able to reconnect with her because I know she'll need SOMEONE to talk to and she was never really upset with me. I just try and ask how she's doing, how Alex (her boyfriend) is and try and help her as much as I can.

        It just goes to show if you push too hard, you end up pushing them together.
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