What in the World is happening Here?

Ok so I am trying to get caught up with my tv shows so I prepared myself a glass of fruit punch and a pieces of pumpkin pie. But I didn't realize my juice cup was tilted to the size and was spilling, I had never experienced the whole
"Omg my water broke what's next" so of course I freak out grab my phone to call my doc. And see what I do next as soon as I start dialing the number I smell fruit punch juice and look down to realize my cup was empty and the water in the floor wasn't water if not juice!! Things like this Only happen to me Like Really!!

Ever LopezFlushing, New York
    8Theresa Gould
    That's a funny one! ;) But quite logical in your condition!
      Oh no! That is funny. I am glad you figured it out before you talked to your doctor.
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