He broke his laptop

I am trying so hard not to be completely ticked at my son.

For background, he has autism and has a propensity for getting angry and not being able to calm himself. I can usually tell when he is revving up and I can circumvent it. Not everyone can though.

So, sometimes Bub likes to stay the night at my boyfriends house. He is very close to his son and they have a lot of the same interests. I generally don't let him leave home with the laptop but this is one place I will let him take it.

He comes home and tells me immediately that he broke the screen. He was playing a game with someone else online, the person waited for him to defeat a boss and then took all of the treasure and then ran. Bub was ticked and so he pressed the screen really hard, not realizing that he would crack the glass under the screen.

It's toast. Not that I would pay to fix it anyways, I am so mad at him for doing this. He didn't seem to really understand why I was upset, which is kinda common for kids with autism. So, I had to break it down to him.

This is how much the laptop costs. This is how much I make per hour. This is how many hours it took me of work to pay for the laptop. On top of saving for their laptops I have to pay rent, utilities, car payment... and he was like okay okay, now I get it.

I doubt I will be buying him another one, ever. Yeah I get being mad at the game, and yes I get that he is not neurotypical. But he's lucky he even had a laptop to begin with.

Ladies how would you react in this situation?

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