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I've been seeing a lot of stories this week about hospitals putting babies under lights for levels 10 and under. Andrew was my worst with the jaundice, his levels got to 15 and even then the pediatrician said 'oh let's give him a few more days'. When Grace was born, they freaked out and she was at 6. We told the on call pediatrician she was crazy.
The BEST thing for a jaundice baby is feed, feed, feed. If you are nursing, your colostrum is natural laxative-it will push it out of their sytsem. If you are bottle feeding, feed on demand. If it is warm outside, get them outside where they can get sun light, if you live in an old home with window pre 1990 (I think, single pane), put them in a window. The new windows have UVB protection in the glass and won't do any good.

Mommas, were your babies jaundice? Did they get put under the lights or did they poop it all out?

    8Theresa Gould
    One of ours was a little bit but not much. They didn't need to be put under lights so it wasn't bad.
      Three of my babies had jaundice and they needed to be put under the special lights and spent time in the NICU. They have to be in the NICU for other reasons as well. Preemie babies are at greater risk for complications from jaundice then full term babies.
      I've heard that, too. And that makes sense, things aren't as developed in preemies. I've also heard mom can eat a lot of green in the last trimester and reduce the risk for jaundice.
      My sister had one who needed to be under the lights.
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